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Restaurant Komorebi and the Hoshu-an Japanese-style dining arcade

Dining for relaxation and the pursuit of excellence

Restaurant Komorebi is set quietly amidst the lush, green courtyard.

The round structure is lined with glass walls to allow the gentle sunlight to come through. The spacious restaurant has an open kitchen, a bar counter, and a large fireplace. We created a friendly space where cooks and customers can see each other.

The Hoshu-an Japanese-style dining arcade is a Japanese restaurant with shoji (paper sliding doors) and bamboo interiors that can be arranged into private rooms for a variety of different purposes. Please enjoy the dining experience in a soothing atmosphere of traditional Japan.

The exquisite creative dish

Tokachi's finest dishes only available here

The fertile Tokachi region is a natural treasure chest of ingredients. There are so many ways to enjoy these ingredients and we prepare them using only the freshest and highest quality produce available. Enjoy exquisite dishes that our cooks perfected using the finest ingredients.

  • * Menus may vary depending on the availability of ingredients and the seasons.

Tokachi Buffet

Seasonal ingredients from Tokachi, Hokkaido.
The chef gives them the final touch right in front of you.

Sweets made from rich dairy products, cheese, Tokachi beef, Moor pork and local vegetables are examples of local foods. We serve dishes of Tokachi's delicacies with Tokachi hospitality.

Public hot springs bath


In 2004, the Committee on the Hokkaido Heritage Projects designated the Tokachi River's botanical moor hot springs as one of Hokkaido Heritages, treasures of Hokkaido to be passed on to future generations.

Yuraku public hot spring baths

Enjoy the moor hot springs, the water for beauty

Guests can soak in the hot springs in spacious, bright public baths with glass walls to experience the nearby wilderness of Tokachi.

Tokachigawa's moor hot springs are rich with organic botanical nutrients. These moor hot springs are known as hot water for beauty and regarded as a rare type of hot springs that are found only in two areas of the world. The amber-colored hot water readily permeates the skin, leaving the skin smooth and moist after soaking in the hot spring. The water of the moor hot springs is also known as a natural skin lotion.

As members of the hotel business in this region, one of our missions is to maximize recognition of the area's hot springs.

moor spa

Yuraku public hot spring baths
Outdoor garden bath with river stones, a scenic outdoor bath, low-temperature bathtub, high-temperature bathtub, utase-yu (artificial waterfalls for massage), dry sauna, mist sauna, hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath, Jacuzzi, and cold water bath.

What's a "moor hot spring"?
Tokachigawa hot spring is on the Tokachi River in Otofuke Town, in the middle of the Tokachi Plains. The hot spring gushes up through a lignite layer composed of the remnants of reeds and other wild plants that have accumulated over the ages. The moor vegetation makes the water rich in organic components. The waters are milder and richer in natural moisturizers than ordinary hot springs, smoothening and moisturizing the skin and making Tokachigawa hot spring famous as a "hot spring for beauty."

The benefits of "moor hot spring" water
In addition to containing lignite and peat, which form over the ages from incompletely carbonized vegetation, the Tokachi Plains are widely distributed with porphyritic granite. The humic substances in lignite and peat smoothen and rejuvenate the skin. The porphyritic granite breaks down the minerals in the hot spring water. Since the Tokachigawa "moor" hot spring is rich in organic and mineral components from vegetation and rock, it acts as a moisturizer. The water is highly osmotic and gentle on the skin.
Masuo Nakano, Professor Emeritus, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Reason for designation as a Hokkaido Heritage
Vegetable moor hot springs in Japan are far more rare than ordinary mineral hot springs. In 2004, Tokachigawa hot spring obtained Hokkaido Heritage designation, which is given to "tangible or intangible properties that should be passed down to future generations." It received this recognition ahead of many other hot springs in Hokkaido. Tokachi hot spring is even mentioned in old documents of the Meiji era (1868 - 1912), and it's known in Ainu legend as a "medicinal bath." Full-scale development of the hot spring began in the second quarter of the 20th century. It grew into a leading hot spring in eastern Hokkaido in the postwar years, now attracting some 60,000 tourists a year from within and beyond Hokkaido. Advanced eco-friendly measures, such as careful management of the hot spring water by the Council for Comprehensive Management of Tokachigawa Hot Spring, formed in 1989, have also been taken to protect the precious hot spring resource.

Raffine Aromatherapy Salon

The power of nature brings out the beauty

All oils used in the salon are 100% pure oils created by Dr. Jean Valnet of France, who is known as the father of aromatherapy. All botanical ingredients are organically grown, and the oils are free of preservatives or colors.

The collaboration of the botanical moor hot springs and the most luxurious aroma oils from plants brings out the inner beauty of clients. Tokachi's unique aromatherapy takes full advantages of wild plants to provide a blissful moment.


Other hotel facilities
Raffine Aromatherapy Salon
Restaurant Komorebi 120 seats
Hoshu-an Japanese-style Dining Arcade 7 rooms and 1 tearoom
Harunire Tea Lounge 80 guests
With Bar 100 guests
New York, New York Karaoke Box 3 rooms
Tokachino Ramen & Izakaya 30 guests
Karikachi Banquet Hall 200 guests
hakucho Convention Hall 200 guests
Tamatebako Souvenir Shop
Game arcade
Park golf course 18 holes
Parking 120 cars

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Tokachigawa Hot Spring Dai-Ichi Hotel

Tokachigawa Hot Spring Dai-Ichi Hotel

Hoshu-Tei, a traditional Japanese building, and Toyo-Tei, a modern Japanese building

12 Minami, Tokachigawa Onsen, Otofuke-cho, Hokkaido, Japan 080-0263

Tel: +81-155-46-2231
Fax: +81-155-46-2238

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